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How Do You Surprise The Man Who Plans Everything?

November 1, 2010

How do you surprise the man who plans his own 50th Birthday celebration down to the time, place, guest list, menu and wine selection? (FYI: 7pm, at La Grenouille, 39 guests, wild mushroom risotto and sea bass with a big Bordeaux). One very clever and generous wife sprung a surprise that is still being talked about – a humorous personal tribute film by Significant Films. Just as the host and birthday boy raised his glass to make a speech to his guests, his wife asked him to sit back down, as the screen came down and the lights dimmed. What followed was a witty, fast moving, 14-minute roast that literally had the host laughing, till he cried. The film was structured into 10 mini-chapters, each highlighting a period of influence in his life. Together with archival footage, home video and stills, as well as quick on camera comments from over 15 family members and friends, who roasted, toasted and teased the good natured birthday boy. No aspect of his full and colorful past or present was spared – which made for great entertainment and a surprise that sill delights after many, many viewings.