5 things you should know about making a short film.

We’ve made dozens of short entertaining films that celebrate the achievements of individuals and organizations, and the creative process always starts with a THEME that expresses the uniqueness of that individual or organization.
ANECDOTES – getting warm , colorful, and somewhat humorous stories about the honoree is a key ingredient and we do that by interviewing as many close friends, family, and colleagues as possible.
– don’t try to put every idea or image into the film. Once you’ve got a theme and a story outline, give the imagery and dialog some space and let the story unfold naturally.
A great TITLE SEQUENCE can set the tone of the entire film. Whether it’s simple, elegant white lettering on a black background, or something edgier, think of the title sequence as a teaser that builds anticipation for the story.
Short films should be SHORT – 8-10 minutes is our recommended length for an audience that is hungry for dinner, thirsty for drinks, or in a partying mood. Always leave them wanting more.

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