Film celebrates the end of a 12-year run.

May 28, 2010

Thirty-nine “cast members” on Manhattan’s Upper West Side have been “performing” together for the past 10-12 years. Now they’re about to celebrate their final appearance together before heading off to… 15 different High Schools. Using the theme and metaphor of a long-running Broadway production, Significant Films is creating a playful and entertaining 30 minute film “The Road to 2010 – An Upper West Side Story” that celebrates the 39 graduating 8th grade students, their 100+ teachers and the hundreds of experiences they’ve accumulated from pre-K thru middle school at the Rodoph Sholom School. After 4 days of shooting on set and on location, compiling and weeding through thousands of photos and film clips, the film is in the final edit stages, rushing to meet its screening date, in front of an audience of 1,000 people at the middle school’s upcoming graduation ceremony. Not only is the film meant to entertain the attendees of the graduation but it will be made available to all of the graduates and their families, as a record and reminder of the friends, events and mentors from their first 10+ years of school.


  1. Will you ever do this tribute again? I played the piano in a strings trio with Jascha and Helen 1977-1981. Our back yard faced their back yard in Spokane, Wa. I loved them both very much and valued our time together musically and as friends. Thanks! Rose DeField PS They talked of their beloved son, Peter, quite often.

    • Rose,
      I guess you knew my parents when they lived in Spokane (did you know Jon Van Vogt too?) I think the EYSO may have other commemorative concerts in the coming years (50th anniversary, etc.). You could go to their website (http://www.everettyouthsymphony.org/) to find out about upcoming events.
      Peter Galperin

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